Category: Manejo y conservación de los recursos naturales
Location: Estación Experimental Santa Catalina
Year: 2018
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There are many valuable plant species improved by ancient cultures and cultivated locally but of very limited expansion worldwide. Some are considered neglected and underutilized species, such as the root and tuber crops from the Andes. They constitute traditional energy sources basic for the food security in the region but they also are great source of functional foods and there is a traditional associated knowledge on their properties. In this review, we focus on a few species (ahipa, arracacha, mashua, yacon) evaluated in the LATINCROP project which gathered information regarding their conservation status, cultivation practices and traditional uses and to promote new culinary uses. At the same time, this review covers the latest studies on their nutritional components and functional properties which may increase the public awareness to promote their adoption. It provides a view on the available facts and considers what is still to be done.


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